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After the success of our first EL Wire Wearables Workshop we'd been looking for a good opportunity to hold another edition.

The perfect chance came along In April when we held the first of our monthly SparkCC Saturdays.

Once again a group of eager makers joined us at SparkCC with various items ready to be decorated with EL Wire.

Ty took the attendees through the basics of how EL Wire works and provided some design direction to get the ball rolling.

One attendee was kept busy illuminating an umbrella - a very ambitious project indeed!

Others got to work decorating clothing and bike helmets and by the end of the workshop everyone had a wonderful illuminated creation to take home.

This is going to look great on a dull, rainy day. Very Bladerunner-esque!

Thanks again to all of the attendees who came along and to Ty for putting together this fantastic workshop.

If you'd like to come along to the next edition of this or any of our other workshops follow us on Facebook to hear about what's coming up or drop us an email!

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