Earlier this month a contingent of Sparkers ventured forth from our makerspace to represent SparkCC at Central Coast Comicon.

Our mission was to introduce ourselves to more Central Coast makers and members of the Cosplay community in particular.

We showed off a lot of cool stuff that people have made at SparkCC. Boba Fett was impressed with this prototype Stormtrooper mask...

...and our newly-built arcade cabient proved to be a big hit with everybody...

Not everyone was pleased to see us though. We politely asked Jason to pose with the SparkCC Staff of Making...

...but things quickly turned nasty...

...and he chased the Sparkers back to our stand inside! Sparker Marcus stayed relaxed, thinking that it was all fun and games...

...but he soon got was coming to him!

Thankfully there were a lot of other fantastically-costumed characters around who were more than willing to show their support for SparkCC...

SparkCC would like to thank everyone who came to visit our stand, all of the wonderful Cosplayers who posed with us and of course the organisers of Central Coast Comicon for having us at their awesome event.

We look forward to seeing some of you at SparkCC making awesome stuff very soon!

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