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Central Coast Comicon 2017

Earlier this month a contingent of Sparkers ventured forth from our makerspace to represent SparkCC at Central Coast Comicon.

Our mission was to introduce ourselves to more Central Coast makers and members of the Cosplay community in particular.

We showed off a lot of cool stuff that people have made at SparkCC. Boba Fett was impressed with this prototype Stormtrooper mask...

...and our newly-built arcade cabient proved to be a big hit with everybody...

Not everyone was pleased to see us though. We politely asked Jason to pose with the SparkCC Staff of Making...

...but things quickly turned nasty...

...and he chased the Sparkers back to our stand inside! Sparker Marcus stayed relaxed, thinking that it was all fun and games...

...but he soon got was coming to him!

Thankfully there were a lot of other fantastically-costumed characters around who were more than willing to show their support for SparkCC...

SparkCC would like to thank everyone who came to visit our stand, all of the wonderful Cosplayers who posed with us and of course the organisers of Central Coast Comicon for having us at their awesome event.

We look forward to seeing some of you at SparkCC making awesome stuff very soon!

CC Amateur Radio Club Field Day 2017

After all the fun we had last year we were very happy to once again be invited by the Central Coast Amateur Radio Club to their annual Field Day.

Once again we had a great time talking to technology enthusiasts about the makerspace movement and what we get up to at SparkCC.

This year's Field Day also included Drone Racing and the racers were kind enough to let a couple of Sparkers have a try of their FPV setups. Thanks guys!

Another great day for SparkCC at the CCARC Field Day. See you again next year!

SparkCC at the CC Amateur Radio Club Field Day

Last weekend SparkCC were very pleased to exhibit at the Central Coast Amateur Radio Club's annual Field Day.

Our shiny new Flashforge 3d printers were on display and generated a lot of interest. For some this was the first time they'd seen 3d printing in action. Others were printer owners interested in discussing materials and tweaks to achieve better print quality.

We had quite a few enquiries about SparkCC performing print runs for small projects or prototypes. This is something we'd love to help out with - either contact us via the usual channels or drop in to one of our regular meetups to meet the Sparkers and run some prints!

We were even able to print some hard-to-find radio parts to order as well as a few widgets that went home with lucky punters:

Sparker Jo demonstrated the ease with which the ESP8266 microcontroller may be controlled via wifi. His forthcoming workshop on the subject proved of great interest - so much so that we ran out of flyers! We'll be presenting the first of these workshops in April so contact us via email or follow us on Facebook/Twitter to be first to hear when tickets are available.

Sparkers Ben and Matthew used Ben's projector + Kinect rig to demonstrate 3d modelling using a sand box:

As visitors re-shaped the sand a 3d model of their creation appeared on-screen in real-time!

We'll be using similar techniques at our forthcoming 3d printing workshops to scan and print our workshop participants! Once again if you're interested in attending, get in touch.

A big thankyou to CCARC for putting on this fantastic event and for inviting SparkCC along. We had a great time meeting lots of new people and spreading the word about SparkCC!


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