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Building the ORD bot: Part Three - It Lives!

The ORD bot is alive!

Hannes spent most of last weekend learning the software and tuning parameters until he was able to successfully knock out a test print.

ORD bot test print

The first of many objects to be 3D printed at SparkCC!


Building the ORD bot: Part Two

After recent storms and the move into our new space set us back a couple of weeks, work on the ORD bot continued in earnest last night.


Building the ORD bot: Part One

After the great success of our recent Masters fundraising BBQ we were very pleased to able to make our first major acquisition for the space: an ORD bot 3D printer kit!

Tonight the build began in earnest. After getting to grips with instructions and formidable parts list we got stuck in to the assembly.

Building the ORD bot.

A couple of hours later we called it a night with the X carriage fully assembled and ready to go. More updates to come soon!

Many thanks to the good people at 3dtek in Sydney for supplying us with this beautiful kit and providing plenty of help and advice. If you're in Australia and interested in a 3D printer, look no further than 3dtek.

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