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Build Your Own Lightsaber Workshop

Following our successful EL Wire Wearables workshop, SparkCC was very pleased to host another in our series of events leading up to next month's Lumenmotion festival.

This time around Jedi Master and long-time Sparker Jo would be taking participants through the process of building their own lightsaber from scratch!

In this slightly more advanced workshop, participants were taught basic electronics and soldering skills.

Working together on our Jedi production line we soldered together battery packs...

...cut and stripped wires...

...and put the finishing touches on our lightsaber parts, ready for assembly.

Everyone worked really hard and it was very exciting when the lightsabers began to come together.

The finished lightsabers were illuminated by strips of RGB LEDs allowing the Jedi wielder to change the colour of their blade at will!

Many impromptu lightsaber duels soon broke out...

...and Lumenmotion organiser Brian was soon forced to defend himself against a posse of brave young Jedi:

At the conclusion of the workshop, participants (who had travelled from as far away as Sydney and Newcastle) all went home with the final step of their Jedi training complete!

All that was left was for Jedi Master Jo and SparkCC President James to fight it out to determine who would be presenting the next workshop...

EL Wire Wearables Workshop

On Saturday SparkCC was very pleased to host our first ever public workshop!

Committee member Ty first talked our group of eager makers through the process of designing an illuminated wearable item.

Then we got to work making these designs into reality using Electroluminescent (EL) Wire.

The resulting creations were as diverse as they were imaginative. From Halloween masks... bike helmets... shoes...

...and even a guitar!

A great time was had by all and we look forward to seeing all of these wonderful wearbles on display at Lumenmotion!

Lumenmotion workshops at SparkCC

We're very excited to announce our first ever SparkCC workshops!

Both of these workshops will teach elements of basic electronics and attendees will finish with a beautiful illuminated piece to wear/take to the inaugural LumenMotion Festival in November.

On Saturday October 17, Ty will present a workshop on making your own wearable electronics using EL Wire. Tickets available here.

Then on Saturday October 24, Jo will present a workshop showing how to build your own colour-changing lightsaber! TIckets available here.

Tickets to both workshops are very limited to if you're interested in attending be sure to secure yours quickly!

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