SparkCC Visits the Sydney Mini Maker Faire

On Sunday a delegation of Sparkers took the train down to Sydney to check out the Sydney Mini Maker Faire.


With so many interesting exhibitors the faire drew a big crowd and there was plenty to see and do.

The Spark kids (Sparklets?) had a great time playing around in Intel's take on an augented reality sandbox...

Sydney Mini Maker Faire 2015

...and they had to be dragged away from the huge marble track wall exhibited by our friends at Robots and Dinosaurs.

Sparker Peter is a retired primary school teacher and remembered demonstrating the Space Shuttle fuel tanks to his class using plastic Coke bottles. These days thanks to modern software and this amazing arduino-powered control panel, kids can actually experience piloting a rocket into space!


The Uni of NSW pacman exhibit was a big hit amongst adults and kids alike, even if most of the kids had to ask "Who's Pac-Man?".


The finer points of DIY electric vehicles were discussed in great detail...


And despite being a little scary at first, we soon realised the Intel Robot wasn't there to kill humans and was actually quite friendly.


A wonderful, inspirational day. We highly recommend all makers to go along in 2016 - we're already thinking about what SparkCC can exhibit!

Building the ORD bot: Part Three - It Lives!

The ORD bot is alive!

Hannes spent most of last weekend learning the software and tuning parameters until he was able to successfully knock out a test print.

ORD bot test print

The first of many objects to be 3D printed at SparkCC!


New equipment: Vacuform Machine

Committee member Ty has kindly provided SparkCC with a Vacuum Forming Machine!

Vacuform Machine

For those unfamiliar with the vacuum forming process, this machine allows a sheet of heated plastic to be stretched over a mold to create almost any shape imaginable.

SparkCC is Born

Today the SparkCC founders came together for our first ever Annual General and Committee Meetings. May 13th will henceforth be regarded as SparkCC's official birthday!

Signing the paperwork - SparkCC is born!

We outlined the final steps required before we can open our doors to new members and discussed a great many ideas for the future of SparkCC. To say we're excited would be something of an understatement...

Building the ORD bot: Part Two

After recent storms and the move into our new space set us back a couple of weeks, work on the ORD bot continued in earnest last night.


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